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    Rev Electron Biomed / Electron J Biomed. Vol 1, 2003

    Publicación electrónica cuatrimestral bilingüe (Inglés, Español)
    Four-Monthly Electronic Bilingual Journal (English, Spanish)

    Número 1: Enero - Abril de 2003 / Number 1: January - April 2003   (pdf) Rev Electron Biomed / Electron J Biomed 2003;1(1):1-60
    Número 2: Mayo - Agosto de 2003 / Number 2: May - August 2003   (pdf) Rev Electron Biomed / Electron J Biomed 2003;1(2):61-125
    Número 3: Septiembre - Diciembre de 2003 / Number 3: September - December, 2003   (pdf) Rev Electron Biomed / Electron J Biomed 2003;1(3):126-180

    Como citar recursos electrónicos / For to reference electronic publications:
    (adapted from ISO International Standard ISO 690-2 norm)

    • Foyaca-Sibat H, Ibañez-Valdés LdeF. Vascular Dementia Type Binswanger's disease in Patients with Active Neurocysticercosis. Electron J Biomed [online]. 2003; vol. 1, no. 1 [cited 31 March 2003]. Available from: ISSN 1697-090X

    • Bustamante PI, Bowra S. Biotechnology in Developing Countries: Harnessing the Potential of High-TECH SMES in the Face of Global Competition. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology [online]. 2002; vol. 5, no. 3 [cited 31 March 2002]. Available from: ISSN 0717-3458.

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